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Andrew Byrant is a globally recognised authority on ‘self leadership’ who draws over 25 years of experience working in human performance, leadership and doing business in Asia. He is the founder of Self Leadership International, a provider of leadership development consulting, coaching and training, which partners with its clients to align leadership behaviours with corporate culture to create business results and specialises in creating high performing leadership teams and empowered employees.

Andrew is highly sought-after as a professional speaker for his ability to inspire people, to question conventional wisdom and take actions which result in positive outcomes. Andrew’s unique presentation style blends constructive realism with humour to entertain and engage his audiences. When companies identify the need to change, this starts out as a structural challenge; the transition they have to manage is the human challenge. This is where Andrew comes into his own.

Originally trained as a physiotherapist, Andrew became curious about what makes the difference in performance whilst working with athletes. This led him to study neuro-semantics, positive psychology, hypnosis, organisational behaviour and leadership. Using this knowledge and experience Andrew Bryant has developed training and coaching programmes which deliver results to the bottom line whilst increasing individual and team engagement.

He is the co-author of upcoming book, Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out, to be published in September 2012 by McGraw-Hill. With the flattening of hierarchies, global teams and the need for empowered and engaged employees, a new style of leadership is required. In this context, Andrew Bryant along with co-author Dr Ana Kazan, wrote Self-Leadership in order to provide tools and techniques that develop leadership in one's self and in others, with the result that you can more effectively achieve outcomes that are aligned with an individual's or an organisation's core values,  even during periods of uncertainty and rapid change.

Andrew speaks at business conferences, presents at companies’ leadership development sessions and runs workshop sessions for groups of senior executives. He also moderates dialogue on innovation and change. His many engagements have been conducted not only in Asia but across the world, hired by international organisations such as AMP, Cartier, Credit Suisse Dell, Deutsche Bank, Merck, Microsoft, Philips, RBS Coutts, Singapore Airlines and Total, to name just a few.

Bryant was born and educated in the UK, then worked in Australia and now lives in Singapore. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

“Andrew is excellent and awesome; he was able to put a lot of theories into highly contextual and meaningful examples. I have greatly enjoyed, gained and grown.”
Lieutenant Colonel Chiu Eng Tatt, Republic of Singapore Navy

“Andrew Bryant’s great depth of understanding, coupled with his brilliance at explaining complex material with simple terms and examples leads to a terrific learning experience.”
Andrew Brown, Finance Manager, AXA


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