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A woman with her eye on our intelligent future.

Ayesha Khanna is a technology and smart cities expert with over 15 years of experience as an innovation strategist advising corporate clients on data analytics, product development, knowledge management, digital branding, and customer experience. She is CEO of Urban Intel, which provides interactive online courses for skills development. Urban Intel focuses on boosting productivity in the fastest growing urban sectors such as retail, healthcare, financial services, hospitality, construction, and more. Ayesha is also the Senior Editor of “Look Ahead”, a series on global innovation trends in The Economist.

Prior to starting Urban Intel, Ayesha founded the Hybrid Reality Institute, a research and advisory group focused on emerging technologies and their implications for society, business and government. She also directs the Future Cities Group at the London School of Economics and is a Faculty Advisor at Singularity University.

Ayesha has been widely published and quoted on technology, innovation and smart cities. Regularly contributing to the New York Times, BusinessWeek, TIME, Newsweek, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Strategy+Business, Foreign Policy, Straits Times and BigThink. She is the author of Straight Through Processing for Financial Services (2008) and co-author of Hybrid Reality: Thriving in the Emerging Human-Technology Civilization (2012).

She is based in Singapore where she and her husband are permanent residents. She holds a BA (Honors) in Economics from Harvard University, an MS in Operations Research from Columbia University and is currently completing a PhD on urban information infrastructures at the London School of Economics.

Sample presentation topics:

  • The Hybrid Reality – how emerging technologies and their interaction with humans will have implications for society, business and governments.
  • Intelligent Cities of the future: how we will live, work and move more smartly.
  • Technology – Friend or Foe? Will technology be a powerful partner or a threat?


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