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Caspar Berry

Former Professional Poker Player & Entrepreneur
Motivational Speaker on Risk & Decision-making, Leadership and Success

The master of turning calculated risks into good decisions!

Based in the UK, Caspar Berry is an outstanding motivational speaker who has talked to over 1000 audiences in 200 organizations around the world. Using the metaphor of poker to engage and inspire audiences, he get people to completely change the way they think about risk. His key messages -- which address the need to take calculated risks in order to achieve success -- are therefore strong primers for events or sessions where new ideas, innovation, leadership, decision-making or change are being discussed or debated.

The fundamentals of risk and decision making cut to the heart of the ways in which we allocate resources, plan our time, do more with less and maximise the returns from all of our investments in life. Formerly and actor and a professional film writer, he took the decision, aged 25, that would dramatically change his life forever, moving to Las Vegas to become a professional poker player for 3 years, pitting his wits against the game's best known players. His experience as an actor, and as entrepreneur in the media industry and as a trainer, schooled him in the fundamental skills of delivery and facilitation which laid the foundations a professional speaker.

Caspar is regularly hired by conference organizers, business associations, academic institutions and commercial organizations a like on a range of inspiring topics:

  • Risk Taking and Decision Making: in Poker, Business and Life
  • Lucky in Business, Lucky in Life!
  • Innovation, Creativity and the Survival of the Fittest
  • Decisive Leadership: Courage, Bravery and Perspective
  • Embracing Uncertainty: How to Step into the Unknown
  • Intuition, Judgement and Expert Expertise
  • Rational Emotions in Poker, Business and Life
  • Motivating, Nudging, Influencing and Persuading

Caspar has been engaged by academic institutions including Ashridge, London Business School & Said Business School, conference units and business associations including the Academy of Chief Executives, the Association of European Lawyers & Citywire, financial organisations including Barclays, HSBC & Morgan Stanley, consulting firms including Accenture, Ernst and Young & Roffey Park, technology / infocoms companies, including IBM, Google, O2 & PayPal and other major international corporations, including Diageo, Nestle, Ogilvy and Pepsico.

"Brilliant, intelligent messages delivered with passion and knowledge. The best talk from an outside keynote speaker I have ever seen."
Corporate Marketing and Communication Director, Nestlé

"Caspar is an inspirational keynote speaker but does it with content and delivery that captures the imagination and challenges the audience to really think in a different way."
Sian Doyle, Director of Retail, Orange

"A genuinely staggering session".
Graham Bowland, Managing Director, Surgical Innovations


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