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Cyriel Kortleven is a sought-after speaker at conferences, client events and internal leadership development meetings. His mission in life: to boost the creative and entrepreneurial mind-set of professionals in change. Through his playful and enthusiastic attitude to life, he creates an open and informal atmosphere - ideal for bigger events and conferences. Cyriel stimulates people to break their fixed-thinking patterns and inspires you unleash your full potential. Cyriel has been working in the domain of creativity and innovation for over 15 years. He delivers keynotes all over the world and on average spends nearly 100 days a year 'on the road' (or on a plane). He is also author of four books and is one of only 700 Certified Professional Speakers (CSP) in the world.

One of Cyriel's popular keynotes is around 'the creative & entrepreneurial mind-set' in which he starts his story with a ladder & banana! These real, physical objects act as a metaphor for a problem (the banana-peel) and the inefficient solution (the ladder), used on stage to create a very visual message for the audience. As he throws a banana-peel on the floor and puts a ladder over to it to climb over, you immediately sense that this is not the most efficient solution, despite the fact that it works. In many organisations, these 'ladders' become the new rules to follow and the default way of working -- habits or part of the culture. Cyriel observes how it is pretty hard to ever get rid of these ladders, even once they have become a bottleneck instead of a solution to the original problem.

"As an event organizer I can only say good things about the relationship I have with Cyriel; as he's pro-active, interested, easy to work with and a pleasant person. However, what I have to base myself on is how participants view him: at our HR core Academy conference, Cyriel got the highest score of all speakers with a 4.6/5, followed by comments such as "Absolutely brilliant", "By far the best inspiration and needed session", "Excellent thinking" ...This says it all, and makes my day!"
Michael Nielsen, Managing Director, Teneo Meetings

"He holds the audience on the edge of their seats from start to finish."
Simon Harvey Conference Director, Fit for the Future


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