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Edward Carr is a highly-respected writer and commentator on global strategic affairs and business and is based in London with the leading weekly international newspaper, The Economist.  He currently provides the editorial leadership for The Economist on international affairs, and is uniquely placed to relate these topics to reflect the implications for international business – he has the wealth of experience of previously being Foreign Editor, Business Affairs Editor (covering science, technology, industry and finance and various other portfolios.  He was also previously the Editorial Director with oversight of the quarterly magazine Intelligent Life, published by The Economist Group.

Edward speaks and moderates on a wide range of issues including international strategic affairs, business, industry and trade as well as energy, climate change and the environment.

He has carried out numerous live and recorded radio and television appearances over the years and is occasionally invited to co-host CNBC's Squawk Box, once hosting with guests Jack Welch and Charles Elson featuring a discussion about executive pay. He regularly chairs seminars and debates for Economist Conferences and other top level events.  

He also engages in client events, where he presents or moderates at customer forums – e.g. McKinsey Global Leadership Conference, or for organisations' internal strategy sessions.

As Deputy Editor of The Economist, has editorial responsibility across the entire print side of the newspaper. During his journalist career, which saw him first join The Economist as science correspondent in 1987 and then go to Paris to write on European business, he briefly left The Economist in 2000 to write for the Financial Times where he worked as foreign news editor, and then as the news editor overseeing the front page and the newspaper's news operation.

Edward studied Science at Cambridge University, winning The Bronowski Prize for his work on 18th Century French Chemistry.


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