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Greg Lindsay has been hailed as "one of the world's foremost thinkers about the future of cities." Whether speaking about autonomous vehicles or the future of work, his talks are fast-paced, dynamic, and entertaining. He offers provocative forecasts of a future on-the-go, the challenges this poses to organizations, and the opportunities for those prepared to meet it.

Greg is a senior fellow at the New Cities Foundation, where he leads the Connected Mobility Initiative, a year-long effort sponsored by the Toyota Mobility Foundation to explore and understand the future of Uber and autonomous cars and what they mean for cities. He is also a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council's Strategic Foresight Initiative, which identifies and analyzes futures threats and opportunities within the council's Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security. As a writer, Greg is co-author of 2011's Aerotropolis: The Way We'll Live Next and is currently writing Engineering Serendipity, which explores the future of workspaces, cities, and social networks in innovation.

Greg delivers keynotes speeches at conferences, educational institutions, think-tanks, and at company events, and has run workshops on the future of work for Fortune 50 corporations. He speaks frequently about cities, mobility, travel, and innovation.

  • Engineering Serendipity: how innovative organizations are engineering serendipity, harnessing social networks and new ways of working to cultivate the discovery of new ideas, inspire collaboration and creativity and spur employee engagement, learning and innovation.

  • The New Geography of Trade, Talent, and Innovation: how the combination of the Internet and jet engine is redrawing the world map, creating new winners and losers among countries, cities, companies.

  • Big, Smart and Green — How Cities Define Our Future:  As humans have become an urban species and our numbers will double by 2050 to more than 7 billion people, so every challenge we face will by definition become an urban one -- solving poverty, adapting to climate change, finding homes and opportunities for immigrants, creating jobs and growth and simply how to best get around.

"Greg Lindsay took us from 30,000 feet – trends in the world – to 15,000 feet – showing us trends that pertain to our industry specifically – to 5,000 feet – where to go. He was excellent."
Global Workspace Association

I had the pleasure - and disadvantage! - of following Greg as a speaker at a conference devoted to the future of work in May. His presentation was sharp, incisive, and provocative - so much so that I immediately booked him to speak at my own event in New York next year. I can't wait to hear what he comes up with next.
Worktech/Unwired Ventures

Greg has never let me down. He is without doubt my go-to-moderator for an entertaining and informative panel discussion! His prep work with the speakers and about the topic and audience is efficient and effective which on the day results in a rich discussion around the room, not just on stage. Thank you Greg!
Julia Mart – Director, Interaction Events


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