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A speaker who asks the tough questions about business, society and individual leadership and who inspires us to integrate social purpose with company performance.

Lindsay Levin is the Founder and Managing Partner of Leaders’ Quest. After 15 years as a successful entrepreneur, Lindsay now connects leaders from all disciplines and sectors to explore solutions to global issues. Her work ranges from searching for new initiatives that address poverty and sustainability, to working with corporate CEOs and leadership teams on the purpose of business, company values and culture change

She is also the author of Invisible Giants: changing the world one step at a time (published by Vala, March 2013). In her book, Lindsay writes about leadership and choices in life -- and the potential in everyone to make a difference. She tells the stories of some of the remarkable people she has met through her work, and their impact on the world, individuals who have overcome a lack of education and resources to re-energise their communities. Invisible giants are the figures who emerge, often against the odds, to inspire confidence and invest energy in those around them. It is also a story about Lindsay's own quest to ask: "what really matters?"

As a speaker, Lindsay tells stories of extraordinary people she’s met through her work who, whatever their background and status, step up to overcome obstacles and change the world around them. She draws on her rich background in business, as well as international development and not-for-profits. Themes include leadership (purpose, courage, vulnerability and authenticity in individual and organisational contexts), as well as conscious capitalism and the evolution of business.

Her stories span continents and cultures – from the boardrooms of the City of London to Makoko, a sprawling slum at the edge of Lagos lagoon, and from the new industrial parks of Hyderabad and Chongqing, to cities in Israel and Palestinian communities in the West Bank. She challenges conventional ideas about leadership, making the case that great leaders come in many different shapes and sizes, and everyone has the potential to be one.

Her audiences range from multinational senior leaders (including a number of Fortune 500 companies) and conferences, with audiences of just a few up to 1,000. ), to grassroots leaders and local communities. Her clients at Leaders’ Quest include: Actis, Bain & Company, Barclays, British Airways, Daimler, DMGT, Oxfam, Procter & Gamble, Rockefeller Foundation, Russell Reynolds Associates, SAP and UBM.


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