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The illustrious 'agony aunt' for senior managers, Lucy Kellaway has a devoted following of readers around the world, chuckling at the many ridiculous things we do and say in corporate life. Lucy is an excellent addition to a company event.

Lucy Kellaway is an Associate Editor and management columnist of the FT, where she has been for over twenty five years. For the past fifteen years or so her weekly column has poked fun at management fads and jargon with insight, wit and precision and celebrated the ups and downs of office life. She currently writes the Dear Lucy column in which she and selected readers take the part. Most famously, Lucy was the creator of fictional character, Martin Lukes through a satirical column in the FT, a self-obsessed master of corporate double-speak and management jargon, a satire of the type of executive who embraces every new motivation and marketing fad that comes along. In the course of her professional work and for her business lunch series, Lucy has interviewed a wide variety of CEOs.

Lucy wrote her first book, Sense and Nonsense in the Office in 1999. She published a novel in 2005 based on her fictional character, Martin Lukes, Who Moved My BlackBerry?  In 2007, she wrote the book The Answers: All the office questions you never dared to ask. Her latest book In Office Hours (2010) explores the immensely common phenomenon of office romance. She writes a weekly management column for The Irish Times, has a regular spot on the BBC World Service and participates on the social messaging platform, Twitter.

At the British Press Awards in 2006 she was named Columnist of the Year and has won the Industrial Society Work Word Award (twice) and the Wincott Young Financial Journalist Award.

Before becoming the management columnist at the Financial Times she had various roles at the newspaper, including energy correspondent, Brussels correspondent and a Lex columnist. She was previously at the Investors Chronicle as a reporter for two years having graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

"The unusual feature of Kellaway's writing is the witty way in which, as Martin Lukes, she challenges established mores. She exposed the ridiculousness of business jargon and management fads..." Telegraph, 2010



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