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Martin Roll is a leading global expert on leadership, strategy and branding. As a business strategist, he advises top executives and corporate boards across the globe, including several companies in Asia and the Fortune 500 list worldwide. He facilitates business leaders on bold thinking for future strategies.

Martin Roll is a valuable contributor to any executive discussion on the subject of leadership, innovation, growth, organisational excellence and brand equity, its close link to management and how it drives outstanding performance through shareholder value. In 2010 he was voted “#1 Brand Guru” among The World's Top 30 Brand Professionals.

Martin Roll is the author of the global bestseller Asian Brand Strategy (Palgrave Macmillan - Nov 2005) which was named "Best Business Book 2006" by Booz Allen Hamilton's Strategy+Business magazine.

He is a weekly business columnist with several global media and is currently writing four new global management books. The first one is an update of Asian Brand Strategy and the second one is a collaborative work between 25 of the world’s leading marketing professors. The third will look at the important interface between branding, leadership and strategy, and the role of the CEO. The fourth will discuss the role and position of the Chief Marketing Officer in management, which is set to change dramatically in the future.

As a commentator on business and brand leadership issues, he is often quoted in global media the likes of BBC World, CNN, CNBC, Asian Wall Street Journal and others. He is a regular lecturer on MBA and Executive MBA programmes at INSEAD, Nanyang Business School and CEIBS and is a very popular guest speaker at other leading business schools worldwide.  

Martin Roll is an accomplished speaker and moderator of roundtables and conferences held all around the world. Typically, he delivers keynote speeches at major business conferences but also presents and engages in dialogue in more intimate, interactive client forums. 

The key issues that Martin addresses in his speeches and executive workshops include:

  • Creating successful and competitive business strategies
  • Financial value creation and strengthening market position through iconic brands and branding
  • Branding Excellence; driving shareholder value
  • Brand Equity and Leadership
  • Brand Leadership; the role of the executive team
  • Asian Brand Strategy; a new paradigm for the boardroom
  • The Rise of Asian Brands; threats and opportunities
  • The Chief Marketing Officer

Martin can be asked to structure presentations around a number of topics related to globalisation, strategy, global leadership strategy, business and brand strategy and around Asian brands focusing on all markets in Asia.

Martin is a Danish citizen, currently based in Singapore.


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