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Mike Walsh works at the interface of technology, new markets and human development to identify a blueprint for the organisation of the 21st Century.

Mike is the Founder and CEO of Tomorrow, a consumer innovation research lab which advises some of the world's leading brands and corporations about 'what's coming next' in their industry. Rather than focusing on the distant future, Mike takes an anthropological approach - scanning the near horizon for emerging technologies and disruptive shifts in human behavior, and then translating these into pragmatic plans for business transformation. Constantly traveling the world for the best ideas, he spends more than 300 days a year on the road interviewing innovators, entrepreneurs and corporate revolutionaries to provide his clients and audiences with a fresh and compelling vision of tomorrow's opportunities.

He is credited as one of Australia's "Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30" by the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspaper. Mike was ranked '5th Best Speaker in the World' in the XVIII World Debating Championships, Athens. He is the publisher of the 'Disruptive Future', a blog read by thousands of professionals in the media and entertainment space.

Author of best seller Futuretainment: Yesterday the World Changed, Now It's Your Turn (2009) and The Divergence (2012) in which Mike shows us how the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer behavior and fast growth markets will lead to opportunities in the future. He is also the author of The Divergence marks the point where everything we know about the digital world will change. Soon emerging markets will not only overtake the West in terms of economic growth, but also as the dominant commercial and cultural influence on the development of the Web. A prolific writer and commentator, Mike's views have appeared in a wide range of international publications including BusinessWeek, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Mike has delivered close to a thousand keynote speeches around the world to companies in almost every industry. His customized presentations leave audiences prepared and inspired to transform the way they do business. In 2014, Mike was invited to be a main stage keynote speaker at the Million Dollar Round Table with an audience of more than 8,000 people, one of the most prestigious events on the global speaking circuit. In addition to conference keynotes, he conducts strategy workshops and is invited into board meetings to talk about the future challenges and opportunities at a strategic level.

What makes Mike Walsh different from other futurist and innovation speakers is his background in research and strategic consulting, enabling him to lead clients through a process, designed to pinpoint the most relevant issues impacting their business and therefore the strategies with the best chance of delivering meaningful change.

  • Futuretainment; Based on his best-selling book, Mike guides us through a fast-paced tour of the latest technologies, global trends and case studies that will forever change the way you think about your customers.
  • Flex: business re-imagined: New technology is not only an opportunity to improve productivity, it invites us re-imagine the way we do business and lead a 21st century company.
  • World Next: Your Roadmap To The Global Future: Social unrest, economic turmoil, rapid technological change – a  world seemingly dominated by crisis. Yet look more closely, a different set of patterns give rise to new markets, new consumers and new ways of doing business.

"Dynamic, highly relevant and stimulating, with fresh and unique insights."

"An eye opener!"

"Highly inquisitive and original. I recommend him highly."


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