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Nenad Pacek is one of the world's leading authorities on emerging markets, advising business leaders on key opportunities and challenges and helping them to craft successful strategies. His reputation and experience comes from over a decade advising the world's largest corporations both as a writer and presenter of business intelligence. Based in Vienna, he is the Founder and President of Global Success Advisors. He previously worked for 16 years at the Economist Group as a director of the Economist Intelligence Unit where he directed the Corporate Network programmes in CEEMEA and lead Economist Conferences' global Government Roundtables, chairing senior business-to-government dialogues with heads of state across Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Nenad is the author of “The Future of Business in Emerging Markets: Growth Strategies for Growth Markets” (2012), “The Global Economy” (2012), lead author of “Emerging Markets: Lessons for Business Success and Outlook for Different Markets” (2003, 2007), and a contributor to the book “The Future of Money” (2010).

He delivers speeches at major business conferences around the world -- demonstrating how business opportunities in China, Russia, East Asia and Eastern Europe and Turkey can offer increasing rewards if you get it right (but disaster if you get it wrong!). He uses real experiences of companies illustrate his points to open the eyes of those entering or expanding their emerging markets presence. He has performed more than 800 presentations/speeches and a similar number of advisory sessions for his clients at regional and global level.

Focus of such briefings include:

  • The global economy and its impact on emerging markets;
  • Emerging markets economic and business trends; Best practice in emerging markets;
  • Regional economic and business trends/issues;
  • Country economic and business trends/issues;
  • Business strategies, approaching the market – sales & marketing, corporate structures.
  • Nenad is the Founder and President of Global Success Advisors Ltd and is an Adjunct Professor of International Economics and International Business at two private universities in Vienna. He was educated in Austria and is a graduate in Economics and Business.


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