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Nury Vittachi has informed and entertained millions of people through various media; numerous regular television appearances, regular radio broadcasts and literally thousands of columns in dozens of periodicals. Amongst these he has featured on CNN, BBC and Time Magazine. He has written more than two dozen books, ranging from novels to non-fiction. In non-fiction, his latest work is The Kama Sutra of Business (John Wiley), a book about ancient Asian wisdom which claims that people in India were using stone credit cards at the dawn of history 4000 years ago. In fiction, he is best known for his offbeat thriller novel series The Feng Shui Detective (Allen and Unwin) which has been published in multiple languages around the world.

Despite the emphasis of humour in his work, Vittachi has a heavyweight grounding in the real world. He spent many years as a financial journalist, working in senior editorial positions for the South China Morning Post and the Far Eastern Economic Review, sister publication of the Wall Street Journal.

His encyclopedic knowledge of business in Asia combined with his stand-up-comedian type delivery has made him a popular speaker. In a recent interview, he said: "My debut novel failed to win the Whitbread First Novel award, and my next did not win the Man Booker Prize, so I'm hoping my new book will make it a clean sweep by not winning a Pulitzer."

Nury Vittachi was born in Sri Lanka. When his family was targeted in communal violence, they escaped under cover of darkness and spent many years traveling as nomads. He eventually settled in Hong Kong where he adopted Chinese names and became well known writing news reports under the name Da Fu Fung Choi, aka "The Spice Trader", and touring schools as Sam Jam, which in Chinese means "Mr. Third Bus-stop"

Nury speaks regularly at conferences and client events around the world, is master of ceremony at special events and provides off-beat perspectives on business at company retreat meetings.

"Asia's funniest, most pungent columnist and author" Herald-Sun, Australia
"endearingly wacky" The Times, London
"quirky and original" The Independent, London
"brash, brave and bizarre" South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
"clever and comic" Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
"dangerously funny" That's Beijing, China

The Kama Sutra of Business: timeless management wisdom taken from the classics of Indian literature. Most people don't realise The Kama Sutra isn't just about sex; much of it is about wise leadership. The Kama Sutra of Business is based on Indian history and literature, drawing lessons for business and life from the remarkable stories of great leaders and their adventures. Nury Vittachi uses these sources, to present valuable management lessons and to introduce the world's first management guru who wrote a classic text on economics some 2,000 years ago. Peppered with fascinating facts and ageless business and management wisdom, The Kama Sutra of Business looks at good business practices from a fascinating historical perspective.

"Read this; Nury Vittachi offers lessons for business and life from the stories of
great leaders and their adventures." The Guardian, March 2007


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