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Omar Khan is widely recognized speaker and coach on leadership. He is the founder of New York-based Sensei International, an organisation established to improve the quality of business through leadership and is the author of Timeless Leadership and Synergy and recently released Liberating Passion.

Omar was an early champion of transformational learning in the USA and subsequently throughout the world and neuro-linguistic programming. The key leadership themes he develops in his speeches and work with organisation are leadership themes including Timeless Leadership: producing tomorrow's success today, Mastery: Living Beyond Limits, Passion into Performance, Real Leadership Real Results, Winning Globally Through People.

Omar speaks on a number of topics; passion as a leadership report card; the need for emotional engagement; the challenge of making strategy real and how to realise that opportunity; how to get past the barriers we have erected, growing results, while growing our people and growing ourselves. He has been rated by the Young President's Organization (YPO) as an 'All Star', their highest rating.

His clients have included 3M, Motorola, Unilever, Microsoft, Ritz-Carlton, Singapore Airlines, Standard Chartered Bank, Johnson & Johnson, KLM, Nestle, American Express and many others. He has been a keynote speaker at numerous business summits, including YPO, BusinessWeek, The Conference Board and Entrepreneurs' Organization.

Omar Khan has lived in Pakistan, Germany, the US, UK, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Japan, Dubai, Singapore and Sri Lanka having been educated at Oxford University and then Stanford Law School.

"I admire Omar tremendously for his work, energy and insights "<
Ron Kaufman, author of Up your Service

"Pleasure to work with someone with such an amazing mind. You are a unique human being and I feel privileged to have worked with you"
Tom Peters, author and management guru

"Omar is a ruthless optimist; he helps us quell doubts and deliver success"

"Omar Khan understands the leadership continuum and what makes people tick. I have personally experienced Omar's enthusiasm, intellect and expertise regarding leadership and successful organizational change, and have found his sessions and message to be strongly motivational and even invigorating. If you are in need of refreshing insight, or an energy boost, just spend two hours with him."


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