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An outstanding writer and speaker on world business affairs.

Based in London, Robert Guest is the Foreign Editor of The Economist, one of the world's most influential journals. He covers international affairs around the world, including the US, Europe and the emerging markets. He was formerly the US Editor and Business Editor before that. He is one of a small group of senior editors who make The Economist wittier and more incisive than its competitors. He brings a truly international perspective, having reported from nearly 70 countries and lived in six. He travels constantly around the world and talks regularly to CEOs and entrepreneurs in all industries.

He is the author of two books: Borderless Economics: Chinese Sea Turtles, Indian Fridges and the New Fruits of Global Capitalism, which argues that migration makes the world brainier; and The Shackled Continent, which explains why Africa was poor but is about to get richer. His articles include: The magic of diasporas, a 2011 cover editorial in The Economist and accompanying report;  Surviving the slump, a 2009 special report on business in America; The road to hell is unpaved, an account of the time he hitched a ride on a beer truck in West Africa.

Robert Guest is a clever, astute and entertaining speaker. Talking without notes or props, he taps into his vast experience to explore a wide range of topics relating to global business and economics. He leavens his speeches with jokes and vivid first-hand anecdotes. Some of his specialist topics are:

  • Business in America, Europe and Britain.
  • Global migration and the war for talent.
  • Business and investment in emerging markets such as Africa, China and India.

He regularly chairs conferences organised by The Economist and is called upon by other organisations to moderate their senior executive dialogue. Robert gives speeches and moderates discussions at senior level business and economic forums around the world.

Before coming Business Editor, his previous role was as Washington Correspondent and Lexington columnist for The Economist covering American news and politics. Prior to this, he covered Africa for seven years, based in both London and Johannesburg. Before joining The Economist, he was the Tokyo correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. He was previously a freelance writer based in South Korea. Robert Guest is a graduate of Oxford University.

"Robert provided a unique and insightful perspective. He was energizing and entertaining, and delivered a compelling message to our 500+ top leaders and executives." -- Hikmet Ersek, CEO, Western Union

"With a great combination of facts and compelling real life stories, Robert Guest
brings the world's connections to life." Lenny Mendonca, Director, McKinsey & Co

"Robert Guest is just as entertaining in person as he comes across in his superb written work. He is an outstanding speaker well worth listening to." Robert Litan, The Kauffman Foundation

“[Borderless Economics] is witty, rigorous, humane, provocative and dazzlingly well-reported. Everyone should read it. Bravo!”  Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist

Rarely does an author combine experience, common sense and humor when writing about Africa. It's even rarer when the analysis is as hard-hitting as in the writing of Robert Guest.” Roger Bate, Wall Street Journal on The Shackled Continent


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