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With an extensive background in global, East Asian, European and American affairs, Robert Madsen deals with the major issues confronting the world economy while skillfully addressing the ripple effects on various countries, industries and corporations.

Robert Madsen has a strong foundation in the field of East Asian and global politics and economics, regularly advising businesses on the challenges they face in the world economy. He has wide international exposure, having spent five years in Japan, three in Greater China and three in the United Kingdom.  He has studied languages and conducted research in formal programmes in four countries and has traveled in over 65. Robert has given formal speeches and presentations to many university audiences, civic groups, industry associations, and government think-tanks as well as producing numerous written reports for such bodies. He has also delivered dozens of personal briefings for leaders of major East Asian, North American and European companies as well as to some of the world’s leading advisory councils and institutions.

Robert is a Senior Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he works on global and East Asian geopolitics, politics and economics. He additionally helps several companies with global and regional forecasting and scenario analysis while tackling such specific topics as the worldwide financial crisis, fiscal and monetary trends in the major economies, exchange rates and foreign reserves management, the future of the dollar, relations between East Asia and the Middle East and the troubled outlook for the Euro zone. Robert is an equity partner in several private equity and venture capital funds, a practice that enables him to invest on the basis of his own analysis.

Robert contributes to numerous publications, including the Australian Financial Review, BBC, Business Times (Singapore), The Economist, Expresso (Portugal), Nikkei Shimbun (Japan), Far Eastern Economic Review, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Foreign Affairs and the International Herald Tribune. Robert has written the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Japan Country Reports for well over a decade and occasionally contributed to their analysis of China and broader East Asian markets. He has given interviews to CNBC, the BBC, National Public Radio, Espresso (Portugal), Japan Times, and the LA Times, and is regularly quoted and cited in such leading publications  as the Financial Times and The Economist.

Over the last 18 months Robert Madsen has spoken on East Asian economics and the 2008-2009 global crisis at events run by MNS Management, currency wars at the annual meeting of the International Manganese Institute (IMnI); the rise of China at a gathering of government analysts in Berkeley, California; East Asian economics and politics for the management teams of two Asian private equity funds; Chinese fiscal policy and infrastructure strategy at a commodities conference; the global financial crisis at a joint conference of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and the Japan Economic Foundation (JEF) and the fate of the Euro zone at a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations.

He is a frequent consultant to several major multinational corporations and investment groups, addressing salient economic, political and financial trends in East Asia, Europe, the United States and the world; the course and implications of the 2008-2009 financial crisis; and emergent events like Japan’s March earthquake, shocks in commodity markets, and Greece’s serial problems. Major clients for advisory work or presentations have included Chevron, Oracle, Soros Private Funds Management, the Robert M Bass Group, and several private equity and macroeconomic hedge funds.

Robert Madsen was educated at Harvard, as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, and Stanford. He was a Fellow at Stanford University before moving to MIT in 2004.

Sample presentation topics

  • The Global Imbalances and Their Economic Implications
  • World Macroeconomics and Politics
  • Global Fiscal and Monetary Policies
  • Chinese, Japanese and East Asian Politics and Economics
  • The Future of the Eurozone and Its Implications for Asia and the United State
  • The Decline of the West and the Rise of the Rest
  • The End of the Welfare State(s)

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