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An intelligent, articulate economist who can relate the world's key economic developments -- and those of the emerging markets of Asia - to business opportunities and challenges.

Simon Baptist is the global Chief Economist at the EIU, based in Singapore. He is responsible for providing intellectual leadership for the EIU's coverage and ensuring that economic and political analysis and forecasts are the best available for international decision-makers. He is responsible for managing a global team of He manages a team of economists and editors in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, New York and Singapore covering 35 Asian economies along with 31 provinces and nearly 300 cities in China.

As Asia Director for Custom Research, the EIU's consultancy arm, he works with governments to design and assess the impact of public policy and with companies to drive successful strategy and operational performance in Asia.

Simon is a highly experienced economist who has previously spent time as a lecturer at Oxford University and as an economics consultant advising many governments, multinational corporations and international organizations around the world.

Simon has published a number of academic articles, including in World Development, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A and Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies. He is frequently invited to participate on TV and in other international media.

He speaks at large business conferences and investment forums, and is asked to present at client engagements, in both small intimate groups as well as larger scale events. He is often requested to provide confidential internal briefings to company Board strategy meetings, or to regional or global business planning sessions.

Sample presentation topics:

  • What we can expect from the world economy, incorporating scenarios for post-Brexit Europe, the future of the Euro zone, the USA post presidential elections and other potential developments.
  • Outlook for Asia and key emerging markets.
  • Briefings can include segments focused on business productivity, international competitiveness, Asia and Australasia cross-regional issues, the environment, energy, climate change, commodities, international trade, economic development and taxation policy.

His geographic coverage is global, with a focus on economies in Asia, the UK and Australia.

Prior to joining the EIU, Simon was a Principal at Vivid Economics in London. Simon has a doctorate in Economics from Oxford University, where his research investigated productivity and technology in emerging market manufacturing firms. He holds degrees in Economics and Science from the University of Tasmania. He was brought up in Australia, has lived in the UK and now resides in Singapore.


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