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He has the unique ability to explain how the world economy 'adds-up', and skilfully places key economic developments in their rightful political and historical context.

Stephen King is a senior economic adviser to HSBC and was formerly the bank's Global Chief Economist, based in London.  He is currently the top-ranked global economist in the annual Extel survey and well known for his commentary on global economic affairs, globalization and the role of emerging markets and the future of financial markets.

Stephen is a successful author. His latest book is "Grave New World: The End of Globalization, the Return of History". His first book "Losing Control" was published by Yale in 2010 and was widely praised for the way it examined the impact of the emerging nations on western economic prosperity. His second book "When the Money Runs Out", was published by Yale University Press in May 2013 and was later selected as a "book of the year" by the Financial Times, The Economist and the Times. He has written on a wide variety of economic topics. Recent examples include "The World Economy's Titanic Problem" (May 2015) focusing on the absence of policy "lifeboats" for the global economy, and "Alas, Kapital" (June 2015) focusing on the absence of investment in a world where interest rates are remarkably low. In 2014, Stephen became a member of the Financial Times' "Exchange" which offers agenda-setting commentary from leading policymakers, academics and writers around the world. He writes regularly for a number of leading global newspapers and regularly appears on television and radio editor of Global Risk, an Economist Intelligence Unit monthly publication.

Sample presentation topics include;

  • Global Economy; how it all adds up:  Stephen King explains the interdependencies of the world, like how events in China will re-shape the US economy, or how Japan's experiments with QE have only served to export its deflationary problems.
  • The Demise of the West:  Stephen King discusses the demise of the West and the rise of 'the Rest', placing key economic developments in their rightful political and historical context.
  • Challenges for the Euro Zone: Having observed the euro's problems first hand, Stephen King spells out the tough choices now facing Europe's leaders and its Central Banks.

Stephen is a graduate of New College, Oxford. He is based in London and is a frequent traveler to Asia.

When the Money Runs Out

"For many, the financial crisis is a temporary interruption in the rise of western prosperity that is due to easily remedied policy mistakes. The Keynesians believe this, as do anti-Keynesians on the free-market right. King argues, instead, that the future is not what it used to be. We have made promises to ourselves we cannot afford to keep". Martin Wolf, Financial Times

"A thoughtful and convincing assessment of what happens when the rich world becomes over-accustomed to rising standards of living but cannot afford the benefits its governments have promised ... serious scaremongering; worthy of Stephen King's horror-writing namesake." The Economist

Losing Control

"Losing Control has many of the advantages of being written by an economist. It is thoroughly researched, detailed and, thanks to King's historical sweep, places our current economics woes firmly in context... This is an important volume."  John Arlidge, Sunday Times


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