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Dr Tony Michell is based in Seoul with over 28 years' experience observing, analysing economic and political and business developments in Korea and North East Asia. He is the founder of Euro-Asian Business Consultancy (EABC) and Korea Associates Business Consulting (KABC), advising foreign companies on business strategy for Korea and the region. He also works with Korean companies and Korean government departments on international issues. He also has a unique understanding of North Korea and was the first Western company to set up a Pyongyang office.

Dr Michell was the Economist Groups Korea Associate for almost 10 years and continues to runs a thriving senior business executive programme in Seoul, The Korea Business Group. He has organised and chaired a number of business investment forums including three Korean Government Roundtables (under the Economist Conferences brand) as well as various other business conferences and seminars in Seoul. His company, EABC is part of a research and advisory network, Asian Expertise (AXP) advising on regional syndicated projects.

He has published a number of papers on Korea and North-east Asia including regular reports on chaebol reform, success factors for foreign firms investing in Korea and opportunities for M&A. He collaborated with Mark Clifford, whose Troubled Tiger is considered the best business history of South Korea.

He publishes an annual report on the chaebols. He is interviewed regularly on radio and television including CNN, CNBC, BBC and Bloomberg and in print media including the International Herald Tribune. He also teaches at the KDI School of Public Policy and Management.

Michell is invited to present both at international forums, including the UK, Europe and the USA. He is asked to brief members of the senior management teams and board members of global companies looking at their Korea and Asian strategies. Tony speaks at in-house briefings at both regional head quarters and in Seoul and also writes reports and advises on a host of Korean business issues.


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