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A world acclaimed futurist, Vito Di Bari is a leading authority on innovation, combining strong creativity, design and scientific analysis. He looks at mega trends and scenarios in a rapidly changing world, and how we can embrace opportunities through cutting edge designs and solutions in the fields of future technology, communications, business, architecture, robotics and engineering.

Vito Di Bari is not only an acclaimed speaker but also an accredited author of numerous published works on the subject of futurism and innovative trends. Based in Miami Florida and Milan, he speaks at scores of conferences and conventions around the world or acts as discussion chairman. Vito Di Bari engages his audiences with lively and witty talks that provoke new thinking, exploring the future of technology applied to everyday life and shows you how our lives will change, and why. Connecting recent discoveries in media, nanotechnology and robotics, he explains how corporations and individuals are set to change their behaviours and attitudes.

Vito Di Bari has been chosen as Innovation Designer for the 2015 Universal EXPO to be held in Milan, where he will showcase his insights and designs to create a city of the future.  Di Bari has also holds numerous positions at leading educational institutions; he is a professor of innovation, media or design at the following universities: Polytechnic University, Bocconi University and IULM University in Mila and the Business School of Il Sole 24 Ore. He is the founder of Lab Next in Milan, a cutting edge research laboratory for innovative design, comprising numerous Italian and foreign researchers and professors. In addition, Di Bari is also the founder of Di Bari Innovation Design in Miami, a research and design studio that specialises in the application of new technologies, and which provides organisations with creative solutions.  

He is the author of a multitude of works on innovative theories including: Social Killer (2010), Short Circuit (2009), Web 2.0 (2007), The Future is Already Here - but we don’t know it yet (2006), 2015, Weekend in the Future (2005), Strategies for the Next Economy (2003), The Digital Economy Encyclopedia (2002), Key Words for the Net Economy (2001), and Multimedia Management (2000).  He is a contributing writer for Wired, Harvard Business Review, Panorama (Italy) and Il Sole 24 Ore. He has also presided over the Scientific Committee of ASCAI and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Accenture Foundation, the Scientific Committee of Harvard Business Review (Italy) and the Executive Board of the Industrial Italian Districts Association.

Presentation topics include:

  • Innovation.
  • Forecasting 2015-2020.
  • Megatrends and Microtrends.
  • New Opportunities for Corporations and Everyday Life.
  • Management and Marketing in a Changing World.
  • After Web 2.0; The Longer Tail, The Longest Tail.
  • The White Rabbit Syndrome.
  • He also chairs events and moderates discussions.


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