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Global Emerging Markets Service
of The Insight Bureau

Provides timely and actionable business intelligence to senior executives leading international organisations that are expanding across the world's most dynamic markets. This service is provided to clients who engage The Insight Bureau to conduct Insight Briefings or to deliver keynote presenters.

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Subscription is free for clients of The Insight Bureau. Others who are CEOs, senior international Directors or Board members may apply to receive GEMS as individuals. Acceptance is purely at the discretion of The Insight Bureau.

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Bellwether Reports

Yearly report to set the scene for the upcoming year, written by Dr Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, looking at the economic dynamics of Asia and other fast-growing markets of the world and examining the important linkages with these markets and those of the developed economies of the world.

Close-Up Reports

In-depth analysis on specific markets or sectors with short to medium term projections.

Alert Reports

Advance warnings of potentially adverse market conditions and developments.

Myths and Reality Reports

Debunking commonly held misunderstandings about Asia in general and Asia's consumer markets in particular.

GEMS Philosophy

Today more than ever, Boards, Chief Executives and their global management teams need to continually re-evaluate the complexities of global economics, to reassess the opportunities and threats of the emerging markets and how they will play a more significant role within their global business strategies.

Dr Yuwa Hedrick-Wong

Representing Influential Business Speakers Across the world's Most Dynamic markets