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With more than 18 years of experience, Chloe is a skilled and effective broadcast journalist with experience reporting from North Korea, Greater China, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. She is currently a presenter and produced with Channel News Asia in their current affairs department, and was previously a broadcaster with CNBC. At CNBC she was the anchor of Capital Connection, broadcasting from Asia & Europe and reporting on regional market issues and business news. She had a previous role as an anchor with Channel News Asia's at the helm of its breaking news coverage, featuring on its primetime evening programme East Asia Tonight. Chloe was also the main anchor of hourly news programs World Today and Asia Today which features breaking news and live interviews with regional experts and correspondence.

As a correspondent, she has covered the G20 meetings and other political summits including the ASEAN Plus Three events. Some of the noteworthy events that she has covered include the death of former Indonesian President Suharto, the 2006 Thai military coup, the terrorist bombings in Bali and London, the 2006 IMF/ World Bank Meetings and Pope John Paul II’s funeral.

Besides news, Chloe has hosted and co-produced Insight, a weekly current affairs show. Chloe also hosted and produced other feature programmes including Building Brands: East Meets West, The Interview and One on One. She was formerly part of the CNN International Professional Program, Atlanta as a participant and panelist in 1999. Chloe has been nominated for numerous awards, including Newsweek Korea’s nominee for 50 Most Influential Korean in the world of International Media, Culture and the Arts in 2009, nominated for Best Current Affairs News Presenter in the Asian Television Broadcasters’ Awards 2007 and also for Best Business Report in the 2003 CNN World Report Contributors’ Awards. She was awarded Arirang TV Top Journalist Award three times in 1998, 1999, and 2002.

She has been a moderator at the World Economic Forum and the World Knowledge Forum. She was formerly a CNBC Asia anchor of Capital Connection, Cash Flow, Worldwide Exchange, The Call, Asia Market Week, CNBC Conversation, various special Korea related programmes. She spent time with Channel News Asia and Arirang TV. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in French from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul and is bilingual in English and Korean and speaks French.


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