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Simon Walker is a powerful, dynamic and inspirational speaker and an expert in leadership and team dynamics. He draws enthusiastically from his first-hand experiences in sport, adventure and business, having professionally raced yachts around the world twice, led sailing expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. With a background in technology, Simon has held leadership positions in several high profile SME businesses and also with a number of leading consultancies throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.

He is also one of the world's leading authorities on "Generation Y" - those born since 1980 - and how to better understand and lead them, creating winning high performance teams across all generations. He is co-author of the research report Generation Y: What they want from work (2007) and expanded upon this to conduct the very first such study of the Gen-Y in Asia (2008).

Simon is a regular contributor of print and digital articles worldwide and often interviewed for his insights and his work and experiences have been chronicled in various publications including FastCompany magazine and in two books; Uphill All The Way and Global Challenge; Leadership Lessons. Simon addresses many events worldwide, but as well as a being an experienced inspirational keynote speaker, he is also an accomplished event host, workshop leader and conference facilitator. The topics he addresses include 'the challenges of leading Gen-Y', 'team leadership', 'leading in difficult situations' and 'motivating and inspiring others'.

He provides in-depth briefings on the future imperatives of talent management including for client companies including BT, Microsoft, RBS, Lloyds TSB, CSFB, Toshiba. He designs and manages workshops and facilitates peer-level discussions around today's evolving workplace and the challenge of changing attitudes and preferences of each generation. These are focused on the implications for new leadership styles, for company communications, for managing teams and working styles. He helps companies to think about how they can respond in order to attract new recruits, to engage them (and keep them) and simultaneously stock the company with people who inherently understand key segments of the markets they serve.

Simon holds a BA (hons) in Computer Engineering from the University of Manchester. He followed his passion to become a professional yachtsman and then a successful entrepreneur. He was previously a senior consultant to The Centre for High Performance Development (CHPD) with focus on organisational change before co-founding talentsmoothie in 2007.


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