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The Insight Bureau

Keynote speakers, moderators and panellists for your event

Top speakers on Asia and the global economy, markets and business issues

Helping senior executives make better business decisions

Our focus: our focus is squarely on business, encompassing discussion on the economy, politics, investment, management, trade, industry and technology. This defines our niche, yet we are called upon to support a surprisingly wide range of events, ranging from small, confidential briefings to internal professional development sessions, from small, intimate client forums to large business summits, from internal communications briefings to large scale media events. In line with our mission of helping senior executives to make better sense of the world and therefore to make better business decisions, we focus less on motivating or entertaining speakers but more on inspiring and insightful speakers.

Our geographic focus: our focus is on the global emerging markets and the world economy. Today it has never before has it been more important to understand the real opportunities presented by the most dynamic economies of the world yet understand the critical linkages with the developed world economies.

Our intellectual focus: our focus is broad, yet clearly related back to business; thinking about key changes and forecasting the future, debating and sharing ideas and experiences, inspiring others to do things differently.

Themes often covered by our speakers are:

  • The World Economy
  • Global Emerging Markets
  • Leadership and Management
  • Innovation, Business Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Technology and Communications
  • Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Energy and the Environment
  • The Automotive Industry
  • Consumer Markets and Demographics
  • Marketing and Branding

Corporate Marketing and Communications Professionals engage speakers as:

  • Keynote Speakers at Investment Forums and Business Summits
  • Guest Presenters at Client Forums
  • Moderators of Interactive Client Discussions

Conference Producers engage speakers as;

  • Keynote Speakers
  • Conference Panel Speakers
  • Conference Chairmen
  • Keynote Session Moderators
  • Luncheon, Reception or Dinner Speakers

Human Resources or Professional Development Officers engage speakers as:

  • Presenters of Ideas at Management Offsite sessions
  • Guest Speakers at Incentive Meetings
  • Presenters and facilitators at Leadership Development Sessions

Senior Corporate Managers engage speakers as:

  • Strategic Presenters to the Board
  • Advisors to the Chief Executive Officer or the Senior Management Team
  • Presenters of Economic and Political Insights at Planning and Strategy Sessions
  • External Speakers for global team meetings

Representing Influential Business Speakers Across the world's Most Dynamic markets